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By Josh McDowell

The authors current transparent the explanation why God's plan for romance, marriage, and intercourse works most sensible.

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Some Japanese traditions focus on the hara, the gut, as the focus of the life-force. In some systems based on the chakras, the solar plexus is referred to as the seat of the soul. The ways in which these organs respond to our emotions may explain the importance given them; however, in Western culture the consensus has been that if the soul has a location, it is somewhere in the brain. ” The extended consciousness through which we experience our existence rests upon deeper layers that can be linked to various structures in the brain.

What has changed? What is the same? Now, look at your body as a vehicle you are offering to loan to a god. Carrying one of the Powers can be strenuous. Now is the time to evaluate your physical condition and start getting into shape. 2: Breathing You know how to breathe, right? You’ve done it all your life. But unless you’ve had asthma or a choking episode or have trained in meditation, you’ve probably never paid much attention. However, breathing not only keeps everything going, it is one of the most useful cues for changing consciousness.

In the following passage, Kipling describes how contemplation of one’s name can trigger a state of trance: A very few white people, but many Asiatics, can throw themselves into a mazement as it were by repeating their own names over and over again to themselves, letting the mind go free upon speculation as to what is called personal identity. When one grows older, the power, usually, departs, but while it lasts it may descend upon a man at any moment. ” He squatted in a corner of the clanging waiting-room, rapt from all other thoughts; hands folded in lap, and pupils contracted to pin-points.

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