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By Ellis Peters

Whereas Cadfael has bent Abbey principles, he hasn't ever damaged his monastic vows--until now. be aware has come to Shrewsbury of a treacherous act that has left 30 of Maud's knights imprisoned. All were ransomed other than Cadfael's mystery son, Olivier. Conceived in Cadfael's soldiering adolescence and ignorant of his father's id, Olivier will die if he's not freed.

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Let us deal, therefore, with what confronts us now. ” “Father,” said Cadfael, choosing his words gravely and with deliberation, “if I presume in supposing that fatherhood imposes a duty upon me, wherever child of mine may be in trouble or misfortune, reprove me. But I do conceive of such a duty, and cannot heave it off my heart. I am bound to go and seek my son, and deliver him when found. ” “And I,” said Radulfus, frowning, but not wholly in displeasure, rather in profound concentration, “put to you the opposing view of what is now your duty.

Whether Philip was in it then or not, is something no man knows but Philip. For what happened certainly happened without his presence, but whether without his will is another matter. De Soulis is close in his counsels. However it was, there was some connivance between the leaders who had personal forces within, and the besiegers without, and suddenly the garrison was called to witness that all their six captains had come to an agreement to surrender the castle, and their men were shown the agreement inscribed and sealed by all six, and perforce they accepted what their lords decreed.

Cadfael drew delighted breath. “We can ride together. You are here alone? Then alone no longer, for it’s a joy to see you again, and in such good fettle. ” He had Cadfael by both hands, wringing them ardently. “I know you were sent out by right, that last time, to salve a damaged man, but what art did you use to be loosed out to a state conference like this one? Though if there were more of you, and all delegates,” he added ruefully, “there might be more hope of accord. ” “I have leave until the conference ends,” said Cadfael.

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