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But it refused to co-operate in the organization of the Government, limiting its relations to the presenting of definite political demands, and reserving to itself the role of critic. Moreover, in its revolutionary zeal, it added the final touch to the destruction of discipline in the among No. issuing the notorious Prikaz other things absolved the Russian soldier army by which from the 1, necessity of saluting his superiors. How completely the Government realized its own helpits degree of dependence upon thin powerful external agency may be judged from a letter written by lessness and the Minister of War to General Alexciev, on March 22.

Few frequenters of the library took much notice of this bald little Russian with his snub nose, and his big mouth and square chin covered moustache and short beard, who, day after day from nine in the morning till six at night, laboured with the fierce unquenchable zeal of the revolutionary. With a pen dipped in vitriol he inveighed against the Majority Socialists in both camps of belligerents, who, in allying themselves with capitalist governments for the purpose of prosecuting by his red " the war, had betrayed the proletariat to Imperialism ".

200-201. pp. 19-20. Leon Trotsky, History of 1933), i. 307. a Russian Revolution (London, 1932L oninj Collected Works, xx. Book 1, pp. 27-63. the KERENSKY, LENIN, AND PEACE 35 judgement, his acute perception of weakness and his abounding belief in the masses are disand strength, played, the more remarkably when it is considered how imperfect were his sources of information and his channels clarity of of communication. With devastating accuracy he demonstrated the inability of the Provisional Government to satisfy the fundamental desire of the Russian people for peace, and " " proclaimed as basis of the proletarian peace programme the publication and repudiation of the secret treaties which bound Russia to the and the immediate proposal to all belligerent parties of an armistice on all fronts.

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