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By Jonathan Harlen

During this humorous and fast moving tale, a boy named Toby pass judgement on overcomes his fears to struggle for what he believes is correct. Kreeb's Correct-a-torium is a college for antisocial teenagers housed in an deserted monastery jam-packed with dungeons and underground passageways. little ones will relish the gross and ugly information as Toby infiltrates the varsity and makes an attempt to avoid wasting its scholars from the terrible punishments of the evil, child-hating Professor Kreeb.

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I won’t fall for any of her tricks! ’ Dad was still looking thoughtful. He hadn’t made up his mind yet, I could tell. ‘Patrick, I can’t believe you’re even considering it,’ Mum said. ‘I’m considering it because it’s the best idea we’ve had so far,’ Dad replied. ‘Although if anyone should enrol, Emma should. ’ ‘I would if I could, but I’m too old,’ Emma said. ’ ‘She knows Toby’s name too,’ Mum said. ’ 45 Brain Scam Text 19/1/05 4:24 PM Page 46 ‘I could go there under a false name, and she’d never know I was Emma’s brother,’ I piped up.

I don’t know whether “breeze” is the right word to describe Professor Kreeb,’ Dad said. ’ ‘Well, she’s about to meet Force Ten from Dagenham,’ I said. ‘Hurricane Toby. ’ 59 Brain Scam Text 19/1/05 4:24 PM Page 60 Mum sighed as Dad steered us around a sharp turn. We were only five minutes from our destination: an old abandoned monastery, near the town of Temptation Fields, which Professor Kreeb had converted into her evil Correct-a-torium. ‘I’m glad you’re confident,’ Mum said. ‘I hate to think what tortures that woman has in store for her first group of kids.

She said in a hushed voice. ’ Emma burst into a flood of tears. ’ Mum said. ‘You promised me only a month ago that you’d taken it to the tip! ’ Emma sobbed even louder. She leapt up and out of her chair and ran off down the hall. ’ she wailed as she ran off. ’ Mum called after her. ’ Mum started towards Emma’s room but Dad stopped her. ‘Let her go, Louise,’ he said. ‘She knows she’s in the wrong. ’ ‘I can’t believe it,’ Mum exclaimed. ‘My own daughter. After I told her she wasn’t to sell that horrible machine to anyone!

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