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By R. Troc, D. Kaczorowski (auth.), H.P.J. Wijn (eds.)

In subvolume III/27C2 magnetic and similar homes of binary actinide oxides were compiled. This subvolume covers information got considering 1980 and will as a result be considered as complement to quantity III/12c. half 27C1 offers with binary oxides of the lanthanide parts. Magnetic homes of the binary oxides of 3d transition components are given in subvolume 27 G.

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0 µB, Θp=–141 K 242 248 257 77VLDH Table1 67PC Table10 87HN Space group, lattice parameters Inverse magnetic susceptibility: χ −1 m vs. T for cubic (TN=19 K) and monoclinic (TN=8 K) forms Table1 258(a) Table10 86MNHH Space group, lattice parameters Inverse magnetic susceptibility: χ −1 m vs. 5 µB, Θp =–95 K Table1 258(b) Table10 86MNHH Bk2O3 Cf2O3 Cf7O12 Es2O3 Space group, lattice parameters 13% Bk Inverse magnetic susceptibility: χ −1 m vs. c. c. c. c. c. Crystal structure by neutron diffraction at 400 K (space group I43d ) Lattice parameter vs.

5 Figures and tables [Ref. p. 213 20 AnO2 18 An 6 p3/2 16 40 An = Th 35 30 U An 6p1/2 140 25 120 Pu 100 Binding energy Eb [eV] An 5d5/2 Binding energy Eb [eV] Intensity I Np 80 260 220 Am Cm 180 600 140 500 An 4f7/2 400 300 1000 10 eV a An 5p3/2 900 Binding energy Eb 800 An 4d5/2 700 600 Th b Fig. 3. AnO2. (a) XPS spectra of the actinide 5d core levels for An = Th, U, Np, Pu, Am and Cm [77VLDH]. Note an increasing diffuse d3/2 component when going to heavier elements, an effect which was attributed to coupling of the hole-state magnetic moment with the moment of the unfilled 5f electron shell (for explanation Pa U Np Pu Am Actinide Cm Bk Cf see the original paper).

4 Survey of binary actinide oxides (miscellaneous structure) [Ref. p. , Tables Ref. Phase diagrams Lattice parameter at RT and trivalent ionic radii vs. atomic number 247 248 76BH 94HE XPS of 4f and valence band 201(b) XPS of the valence band Space group, lattice parameters Magnetic susceptibility: χm vs. T at 4…1000 K (TN=16 K) Inverse magnetic susceptibility: χ −1 m vs. 10–6 cm3/mol Am (TIP) Analysis of the magnetic behaviour 238 Am2O3 254, 235 85NGM Table1 Table10 86SEMS, 94MKNK 87S2 Cm2O3 XPS of valence band X-ray powder determination of the lattice parameters of the cubic, hexagonal and monoclinic forms Crystal structure by X-ray diffraction Crystal structure by neutron diffraction DTA and TGA of the cubic, hexagonal and monoclinic forms 240 Table1 77VLDH 67H 71M 74MLR 72M La n d o l t - B ö r n s t e i n New Series III/27C2 Ref.

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