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By Dina Emundts, Sally Sedgwick

Quantity eleven of the foreign Yearbook of German Idealism is devoted to the topic recognition. even supposing this topic has lengthy been linked to the German Idealist culture, it has lately been the topic of a lot renewed curiosity. the quantity focusses on questions concerning the danger, which means and position of realization and self-consciousness.

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New York: Oxford University Press. Wilson, Margaret Dauler (1978): Descartes. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul. Wunderlich, Falk (2005): Kant und die Bewusstseinstheorien des 18. Jahrhunderts. Berlin: De Gruyter. Stephen Engstrom Self-consciousness and the Unity of Knowledge Zusammenfassung. Dieser Aufsatz entwickelt den Gedanken, dass das Selbstbewusstsein die Quelle der Einheit der Erkenntnis sei. Angesichts einiger Bemerkungen Kants über das Bewusstsein, das Selbstbewusstsein und die Erkenntnis wird gezeigt, dass sich die theoretische Erkenntnis implizit als ein Zusammengesetztes aus Form und Materie versteht, dessen Form in der Einheit des Bewusstseins liegt und das Prinzip der Einheit solcher Erkenntnis ausmacht.

If I represent something in my vicinity as, say, a block of wood, I might thereupon anticipate all sorts of possible advances in apprehension, at least conditional upon (for example) some behavior on my part. But a concept establishes a normative order. Relative to it, regarding something in one way or another carries a sense of certain anticipations as being more or less in order than others. Most crucially, some possible advances don’t simply get anticipated; they now get anticipated as necessary, at least conditional upon (for example) some behavior on one’s part.

Were we to suppose that what is intuited derives from the intuition, we would have to conceive of reason as standing in a productive relation to the objects of theoretical knowledge, contrary to the traditional assumption that such objects are independently existing things in themselves. Cognizant of the inadequacy of each of these alternatives, traditional metaphysicians commonly sought to blend them together, conceiving of human reason as somehow receptive of or receptively participant in divine productive intuition, but in doing so they lapsed into a subjectively-tainted understanding of necessity; cf.

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