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By A. Mansson McGinty

While Islam has develop into a debatable subject within the West, an increasing number of Westerners locate strong which means in Islam. turning into Muslim is an ethnographic learn according to in-depth interviews with Swedish and American girls who've switched over to Islam.

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I will let parts of our conversation serve as examples of how the narrative is created within a particular intersubjective encounter, reflecting the negotiation of meaning between self and other. As the reader will notice the interview was maybe not very “successful,” ethnographically speaking, but nevertheless interesting. In my encounter with Zarah, the interview itself became a moment when Zarah openly and critically contemplated the different reasons why she actually converted to Islam. In the dialogue below, she is stepping away, looking at her own life from the outside, as the other, asking herself as much as trying to give me answers.

I looked at the Soviet Union and all those countries and it was a spiritual and moral vacuum. You can see that today, they do not have anything to stand on. So I do think I felt that something was lacking. So I went there and listened to the Qur’an and they explained. It was very competent women, one from Pakistan and one from Egypt. They were very positive and knowledgeable. I just absorbed this spirituality for the soul. I remember that I absorbed like a sponge. At home we had never talked about religion.

Besides the specific dialogue between the convert and I, several other dialogues are manifested during the interview with the women, such as dialogue with family, with friends, with “society,” and with God, and also with the one she was before. However, each narrative took a particular shape depending upon the two participants, the convert and I. I have mentioned how my presence and identity, being a young non-Muslim female, and their perception of me inevitably shape the dialogue and interaction.

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