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By Sheila Jeffreys

Should western attractiveness practices, starting from lipstick to labiaplasty, be incorporated in the United international locations understandings of damaging traditional/cultural practices? via interpreting the position of universal attractiveness practices in harmful the overall healthiness of girls, growing sexual distinction, and imposing woman deference, this ebook argues that they should.

In the Nineteen Seventies feminists criticized pervasive attractiveness regimes similar to weight loss program and depilation, yet a few ‘new’ feminists argue that attractiveness practices are not any longer oppressive now that girls can ‘choose’ them. notwithstanding, within the final twenty years the brutality of western good looks practices turns out to became even more serious, requiring the breaking of pores and skin, spilling of blood and rearrangement or amputation of physique components. Beauty and Misogyny seeks to make experience of why attractiveness practices should not in simple terms simply as chronic, yet in lots of methods extra severe. It examines the pervasive use of make-up, the misogyny of style and high-heeled sneakers, and appears on the position of pornography within the construction of more and more well known attractiveness practices corresponding to breast implants, genital waxing and surgical alteration of the labia. It seems to be on the plastic surgery and physique piercing/cutting industries as being sorts of self-mutilation by means of proxy, during which the surgeons and piercers function proxies to hurt women’s our bodies, and concludes by way of contemplating how a tradition of resistance to those practices may be created.

This crucial paintings will attract scholars and lecturers of feminist psychology, gender experiences, cultural reviews, and feminist sociology at either undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and to a person with an curiosity in feminism, ladies and wonder, and women’s health.

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If women are ``different'' then there must be something they are different from. That something turns out to be ``men'' who are not themselves ``different'' from anything, they just are. It is only women who are understood to be different, ``Men do not differ from anything . . We are different ± it is a fundamental characteristic . . We succeed in the grammatical and logical feat of being different all by ourselves. Our nature is difference'' (Guillaumin, 1996, p. 95). Women are, of course, understood to be ``different'' from men in many ways, ``delicate, pretty, intuitive, unreasonable, maternal, non-muscular, lacking an organizing character'', as Guillaumin puts it (1996, p.

She says that feminists in the USA have disproportionately criticized western beauty practices while giving less attention to FGM, and that it is the duty of feminists to be concerned for the fate of their sisters outside western culture rather than being concerned only with themselves. 35 HARMFUL CULTURAL PRACTICES AND WESTERN CULTURE It would be hard to disagree with Nussbaum that western feminists should be concerned with the human rights of their sisters in other countries. I would argue, however, that western feminist criticisms of harmful cultural practices in other cultures need to be founded on a profound critique of such practices within their own.

This can be seen quite clearly as religious indoctrination but it might be reasonable to ask whether it is necessarily more powerful in in¯uencing girls to cover themselves in the veil than the magazines and fashion and beauty culture of the west are in getting girls to cover themselves in makeup. 40 HARMFUL CULTURAL PRACTICES AND WESTERN CULTURE W ES T E R N C U LT U R A L IM PE R I A L I S M ± E X P O R T I N G HA R M F U L P R A C T I C E S T O T H E NO N-W E ST Women in an Afghanistan supposedly newly liberated from the rule of the Taliban, are trapped within the patriarchal duality of virgin/whore through being presented with only two choices for their appearance, covering up with the burkha or with makeup.

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