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37); Banco Santander (Banespa-Brazil); and Gazeta Mecantil (Banacci-Mexico). (*) Including Banespa, with data from November 2000. (**) Including Banacci, with data from December 2000. All these financial groups are seeking to expand their activities in Europe, as it is the case of HSBC in France,32 and ABN-Amro in Italy. They are also present in other Latin American countries, but this presence is uneven, as can be seen in Table 7. 8% of total assets of foreign banks in Latin America in 1998 (ECLAC, 2000, p.

2 billion. Banco Real was the fourth biggest domestic private bank in Brazil. 38 Expansion Strategies of European Banks in Brazil with an extension of its branch network and acquisition of small, healthy, banking franchises. Spanish banks – BSCH and BBVA – have the advantage of knowing how to deal with instability as in Spain’s recent history, having more cultural affinities with Latin America, and some familiarity with the region, as most of the big Spanish banks had offices, branches or small subsidiaries in Latin America since the 1970s and early 1980s.

Textos para Discussao no. 68. Rio de Janeiro: BNDES. M. Eckles (2000). “The determinants of success in the new financial services environment”, FRBNY Economic Policy Review, pp. 11-23, October. , and C. Hernansanz (2000). “The Spanish bank’s strategy in Latin America”, SUERF Studies no. 9. Vienna: Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières. K. (1966). “International investment and international trade in the product cycle”, Quarterly Journal of Economics, pp. 190-207, May. Williams, B.

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