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The statement of God’s relation to his Logos in the second clause echoes language which occurs in earlier personifications of Wisdom. Coming to be (or coming to pass) may be predicated strictly of the first creatures, or of all that has been done or initiated in the world to the present day. 6). 4), so the evangelist uses the present tense (not ‘shone’ but ‘shines’) to show that the subject of his prologue is a light which has outlived the first effulgence to become a perennial source of revelation.

His argument – that if Satan casts out Satan his house must fall – is (as many have seen) an adumbration of his own mission; it is a greater attestation of his power to silence demons than it would have been to walk by and let them babble. 39, after Jesus, reproaching the tempest as he reproached both disciples and demons on other occasions, has spoken merely two words connoting silence; two new locutions (‘the wind abated’ and ‘there was a great peace’) complete the miracle, leaving the disciples to ask ‘Who is this man, that the wind and the waves obey him?

51). 29). Hearing eclipses sight because words abide, whereas anything that is seen is doomed to perish (cf. 18). It is not only that the words of the Mosaic law are indelible, but that those of Christ, the everlasting object of the Law and its sole interpreter, can be sown anew in any community of true believers by the indwelling of the Paraclete, or Spirit, whom he has sent to take his place. It is well known that the Fourth Gospel contains many sayings which are not See further Ball (1996), 60–160.

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