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By David Keck

Lately angels have made a notable comeback within the well known mind's eye; their genuine heyday, although, was once the center a long time. From the good shrines devoted to Michael the Archangel at Mont-St-Michel and Monte Garano to the flowery metaphysical speculations of the nice thirteenth-century scholastics, angels ruled the actual, temporal, and highbrow panorama of the medieval West.

This ebook bargains a full-scale research of angels and angelology within the heart a while. looking to notice how and why angels turned so very important in medieval society, David Keck considers quite a lot of attention-grabbing questions akin to: Why do angels seem on baptismal fonts? How and why did angels develop into normative for sure individuals of the church? How did they turn into a required process research? Did well known ideals approximately angels diverge from the angelologies of the theologians? Why did a few heretics declare to derive their authority from heavenly spirits? Keck spreads his web vast within the try to capture lines of angels and angelic ideals in as many parts of the medieval international as attainable. Metaphysics and secret performs, prayers and pilgrimages, Cathars and cathedrals-all those and plenty of extra disparate resources taken jointly show a society deeply engaged with angels on all its degrees and in a few not likely methods.

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3 From the earliest Fathers through the Middle Ages and into the Reformation, the encounters between angels and men in Scripture raised many questions in the mind of Christian theologians. The great investigations of the thirteenth-century scholastics into the nature and character of the angels come from the encounters between Abraham, Jacob, and others and the angels. What do angels look like? Do they have bodies? How would medieval Christians have imagined an angel? Do they have personalities or emotions?

Indeed, the most important of the patriarchs, Abraham, had numerous encounters with angels, and these encounters became normative for determining Christian understandings of angels, angelic attributes, and proper devotional responses. Richard of Saint Victor explores Abraham's responses to the 28 THE L E N G T H OF S C R I P T U R E 2 29 appearance of the angels in Genesis 18 as a way of understanding the proper path of contemplation. Similarly, because Franciscans such as Bonaventure and Salimbene de Adam understood themselves in terms of angels, these angelophanies provided them with typologies for conceiving of their mission as God's ministers.

Sinful people need guardians who cannot err. Gregory the Great, calling for moral improvement, states that the angels remaining in heaven are more humble, and therefore are more firm. In three sermons delivered on the Feast of Saint Michael, Hugh of Saint Victor encourages Christians in their fight against the snares of the demons. "39 The doctrine of the confirmation of the good angels was so important for the devotional utility of the angels that Protestant theologians accepted the doctrine from their medieval precursors despite the fact that an explicit biblical warrant was lacking.

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