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En los albores del siglo XX, el neurólogo austriaco Sigmund Freud empezó a sentar las bases del psicoanálisis, un novedoso enfoque sobre los angeles psique humana que es tanto una teoría de l. a. personalidad como un método de tratamiento para pacientes con trastornos. l. a. imperative contribución de Freud a los angeles psicología sería su concepto de inconsciente. Freud sostenía que el comportamiento de una personality está profundamente determinado por pensamientos, deseos y recuerdos reprimidos; según su teoría, las experiencias dolorosas de l. a. infancia son desalojadas de l. a. conciencia y pasan a formar parte del inconsciente, desde donde pueden influir poderosamente en l. a. conducta. Como método de tratamiento, el psicoanálisis procura llevar estos recuerdos a l. a. conciencia para así liberar al sujeto de su influencia negativa.

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10. 2. Anthony Giddens, Capitalism and Modern Social Theory, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1971. 3. Anthony Giddens, The Third Way: The Renewal of Social Democracy, Polity Press, Cambridge, 1998. 4. Anderson, ‘Components of the National Culture’, p. 56. 5. Gregory Elliott, Perry Anderson, Minnesota University Press, Minneapolis, 1998, p. 53. 6. Thomas Osborne and Nikolas Rose, ‘In the Name of Society, or Three Theses on the History of Social Thought’, History of the Human Sciences, vol.

After all, it did all the kinds of things that social theory wasn’t supposed to do, at least in the account developed, in different ways, by Anderson, Giddens and others. For a start, it both problematized the boundary between the social sciences and the natural sciences and raised 38 the question of the significance of the natural sciences in political life. As David Edgerton has argued, the natural sciences have been quite central to British intellectual culture, particularly through their links to war and empire.

Indeed, drug companies don’t make pure isolated substances. 11 Freee, Everyshop Window is a Soap Box, Liverpool, 2010 society. The social and the natural sciences were clearly distinct. In effect, Anderson understood ‘the social’ as divorced from the domain of the material, the organic or biophysical, the non-human, the vital or the aesthetic. The development of an indigenous social theoretical tradition, in Anderson’s account, would disrupt the boundaries between the various social sciences and humanities, but would leave the integrity of the borders between the natural and social sciences pretty much untouched.

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