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General purpose pitch-based carbon fibers are prepared from high boiling fractions of petroleum feedstocks via melt spinning, while high-performance pitch-based carbon fibers are produced from mesophase (or known as the liquid crystal phase) pitch. Liquid crystals are highly structured and oriented liquids: their molecules flow like liquids, while oriented in a certain way, like crystals (Khoo, 2007). As a result, high-performance pitch-based carbon fibers have high crystallinity and orientation, and therefore have even higher modulus than PAN-based carbon fibers.

Loop (also called stitch) is the basic element in knit fabrics. Course is used to describe a row of loops across the width of a fabric in the crosswise direction. Wale, on the other hand, refers to a row of loops along the length of the fabric in lengthwise direction. Knit fabrics can be categorized into weft knits and warp knits based on the direction in which each loop-forming yarn lies. 19, in weft knit, each yarn forming the loops runs across the fabric in the crosswise direction; in warp knit, the yarn runs in the lengthwise direction.

The versatile performance of nanofiber materials is the result of the choice, control and optimization of nanofiber properties in the course of production, and they characterize the various means of fabrication, as discussed in the following. 1. FABRICATION OF NANOFIBERS Nanofibers can be produced by a number of methods. , cellulose or protein fibers) via physical separation and/or chemical extraction. They can also be produced by means of drawing, template synthesis, phase separation, selfassembly and electrospinning.

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