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Listed below are the real and influential writings of a Christian mystic and early father of the Church. Origen (c. 185-254) was once born in Alexandria and lived during the turbulent years in the course of the cave in of the Roman Empire.

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And it is likely that the Enemy will wish to trick us by his powers to bow down to the sun or the moon or all the host of heaven (cf. Deut. 17:3,4:19). But we shall say that the Word of God has not commanded this. For we must never bow down to the creatures when the Creator is present, sustains us, and anticipates the prayers of all (cf. Rom. 1:25). Nor would the sun himself wish to be worshiped by those of God's portion (cf. t. 32:9; Col. 1:12), or, it is likely, by anyone else. Rather, he ImItates the One who said "Why do you call me good?

For whoever would save his soul will lose it; and whoever loses his soul 6 for the sake of the Gospel will save it. For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? ' " (Mk. 8:34-37). Long ago, therefore, we ought to have denied ourselves and said, "It is no longer I who live" (Gal. 2:20). Now let it be seen whether we have taken up our own crosses and followed Jesus; this happens if Christ lives in us. If we wish to save our soul in order to get it back better than a soul, let us lose it by our martyrdom.

7:24). he had freely chosen for himself, Antiochus called the mother to him and 11. An official title representing high rank. 58 AN EXHORT A TION TO MARTYRDOM urged her to advise the youth to save himself (2 Mace. 7:25). She pretended to persuade her son of what Antiochus wanted, but she mocked the tyrant and moved her son with many words about endurance. The result was that the young man did not wait for the torture to be brought, but took the initiative in summoning the officers ahead of time and said to them, "What are you waiting for, and why are you so slow?

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