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New York: Brunner/MazeL Munroe, J. , Rapperport, K, & Zimering, R. (1995). Preventing compassion fatigue: A team treatment mode!. In C. R. ), Compassion fatigue: Secondary traumatic stress disorder in helpers (pp. 209-231). New York: Brunner/Maze!. Pearlman 1. A, & Saakvitne, K W. (1995a). Trauma and the therapist. New York: Norton. Pearlman, L A, & Saakvitne, K W. (1995b). Treating therapists with vicarious traumatization and secondary traumatic stress disorder. In C. R. ), Compassion fatigue: Secondary traumatic stress disorder in helpers (pp.

It includes maladaptive compassion strain, but in addition includes severe anguish and intense guilt associated with the meaning of not having prevented, or even having caused, harm or death. The distress and trauma of not having done enough to avert suffering or death is a common secondary stress and secondary trauma response in helpers. The word compassion also could be applied to deep sympathy and sorrow for those afflicted by suffering and misfortune (Figley, 1995c). However, it may be better to use the words sympathy and sorrow as specific responses to those in grief (Adaptation-Goal Surrender).

Thinking this would validate her bigfear, that she was, crazy she decided not to take the medicine. One day, after being on call for five days and up all night answering crisis calis, she was talking to her coworker, Andy. He started working investigations about the same time that she did. When she tried to describe what she had been experiencing, she began to cry. Although he likes Kendra, when Andy saw her crying he felt no empathy for her pain. As a matter of fact he felt nothing at all. Andy said that he had not been having any of those problems, as he had been quite successful in blocking all of that garbage out of his mind.

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