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By Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff

In Amazonian Cosmos, a different and engaging contribution to South American ethnography, Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff investigates the area view of an remoted Indian tribe, the Desana, of the Northwest Amazon. the writer labored with a unmarried informant over a protracted interval, and later checked his findings widely within the box. The acculturated local informant expressed his principles of guy and the Universe in phrases that transcend the slim limits of a really good ethnological paintings and that display an interrelated approach of symptoms and emblems of a lot wider curiosity. through the use of mythology and local languages as keys to an figuring out of social habit, the writer has reached a degree of inquiry and a intensity of notion hardly accomplished in a research of primitive rain woodland Indians, these remnants of as soon as strong tribes that now are quickly disappearing.
Claude Lévi-Strauss writes of Amazonian Cosmos: “I have tested your publication with passionate curiosity and i'm surprised on the riches of that universe that you disclose to us in it. South American ethnography is not really an identical back, for you may have introduced it right into a new period ... it truly is very unlikely to specific sufficient appreciation for the bright demonstration you could have given us of hitherto unsuspected probabilities for research in depth.”
Amazonian Cosmos is the author’s personal translation of Desana, released in Spanish in 1969.
GERARDO REICHEL-DOLMATOFF is examine fellow on the Universidad de los Andes, and member of the Instituto Colombiano de Antropología in Bogotá. he's the writer of 8 books, together with “Colombia”: historic Peoples and locations and the folks of Aritama, and has additionally released various articles on Colombian ethnology and archaeology.

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