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By Diana Herweck

Become aware of what it takes to be an Emergency Room surgeon during this enlightening nonfiction name. Readers find out about the labor and commitment it takes to have a profession as an ER general practitioner and what a regular day is like within the emergency room. From scientific college to residency, scientific signs to prognosis, young children will research all concerning the steps it takes to become involved during this career. This attractive identify positive aspects brilliant photographs, worthwhile charts and diagrams, informational textual content, a thesaurus of phrases, and an interview with a true lifestyles ER medical professional to thrill, tell, and inspire young ones from starting to finish.

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You can link your hobbies and skills to real careers. Interviews with professionals, ranging from a medical technologist and a food scientist to a robotics consultant and a veterinarian, help you discover what careers in science are really like. cfm Click the Health Science link. Then, click the Emergency Room Nurse link. Take a tour through the emergency room with an ER nurse. She’ll show you how to get admitted, what happens in the triage room and trauma bay, and how different ER equipment works.

Lewis, Barbara A. The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects: Over 500 Service Ideas for Young People Who Want to Make a Difference, 2nd edition. Free Spirit Publishing, 2009. You’re not an ER doctor, nurse, or paramedic yet, but it’s never too soon to help out. Try one of the service project ideas in this book to promote healthy habits, prevent diseases, or make a difference in your neighborhood in some other way. Reeves, Diane L. Career Ideas for Kids Who Like Science. Checkmark Books, 2007. Find the right career by answering questions that help you find what you like to do and what you do best.

ER doctors help everyone—young, old, and in between. They must be ready for any kind of injury or illness. From treating pneumonia to broken bones, ER doctors know just what to do to help the patients. So grab some scrubs and get into the ER—stat! There is never a dull moment in the ER.

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