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1] τοσουτος άποδίδοται έπαινος, πόσος οφεί­ λεται άνδρι σοφφ και λογίφ, και το πολυ του χρέους έν­ νοήσασαι και ιλιγγιάσασαι έκστωμεν των έγκωμίων' δθεν και κατα σκοπόν σοι το πράγμα προύχώρησεν. 30 35 40 30 γραφη S 11 32 αΥτλήσωμεν S 11 32-33 forsitan corrige ήδυνθέΥτες: ή .. σθέΥτες S 11 33 ήδρύας S 11 39 ήλιγγιάσασαι S 11 40 προύχώρισεν S < Έπιστολη Τετάρτη ) "Qμην μεν σβέσειν σου την προθυμίαν οίς γράφοιμι, όρων δε αύτην τούτοις αυτοίς άναπτομένην μάλλον και θαυμαστως αιρομένην, έπεμψά σοι των ού καλων λόγων, σοι δε καλων δοκούντων.

50 43 τραβασίλειον, πεμφθήτωσάν μοι. τ' άλλα S 59 Who helps and makes perfect and does good to all. Since living as ascetics is better and loftier than living well, we must meet whenever God wills it and we must not complain if this happens at some intervals, for this is what God decrees. If you have trouble reading this letter because of my bad hand writing, think of yours and you shall have less trouble. I believe that you have in store a large number of books, both profane and sacred, which were accumulated because of your father's erudition and your own love of learning.

Are you not aware that this is God's dispensation because of your unworthiness so that this < failure), too, may not be judged against you? For just as you did not observe < the precepts) of your other < spiritual) fathers-and above all those of your ( spiritual father) and master, the great bishop, but proved that the great and immeasurable pains he took to plough and sow the soil of your heart were in vain and you re­ mained barren-you will do the same with the precepts of others. This is why God 'closed the hearts' of His servants.

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