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Moreover, Italy has twenty-eight colonies founded under my auspices which have grown to be famous and populous during my lifetime. 22 FOUNDATION OF THE PRINCIPATE 29. From Spain, Gaul, and the Dalmatians, I recovered, after conquering the enemy, many military standards which had been lost by other generals. The Panhians I compelled to restore to me the spoils and standards of three Roman armies, and to seek as suppliants the friendship of the Roman people. These standards I deposited in the inner shrine which is in the temple of Mars Ultor.

Cf. No. 5). There was apparently no legal precedent for the power of "commending" candidates for the republican magistracies-it had hitherto, it would seem, been a gentlemen's agreement ( cf. No. r o). The fifth clause appears to establish a complete autocracy and thus to make nonsense of the whole elaborate constitutional settlement. , when, according to Strabo, Augustus did accept a general "leadership of the empire" (see No. 3). 4). The document is a law but is drafted in the form of a resolution of the senate.

3I. Embassies were often sent to me from the kings of India, a thing never seen before in the camp of any general of the Romans. Our friendship was sought, through ambassadors, by the Bastarnae and Scythians, and by the Kings of the Sarmatians who live on either side of the river T anais, and by the kings of the Albani and of the Hiberi and of the Medes. 32. Kings of the Parthians, Tiridates, and later Phrates, the son of King Phrates, took refuge with me as suppliants; of the Medes, Artavasdes; of the Adiabeni, Artaxares, of the Britons, Dumnobellaunus and Tim--; of the Sugambri, Maelo; of the Marcomanni and Suevi--rus.

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