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Com) for pointers to information and resources that user support staff have found helpful. Evaluate Hardware, Software, and Network Products Most organizations are on the lookout for new technologies to enhance worker productivity. Consequently, the user support staff frequently must research, compare, and evaluate new technology products and services, including hardware, software, and network products, against existing products. The user support staff must find answers to such questions as: Will a new product make workers more productive?

Chapter 6 describes how problem incidents are managed. Locate Information to Assist Users A challenge that continually confronts user support staff is the need to locate information to resolve a user’s question or problem. Although organizations provide their workers with computers and software, they often do not supply manuals or documentation about computer operation. In other cases, manuals get misplaced or thrown away by users, or become obsolete. Users can sometimes use online help, which can be excellent in commercial software products.

A user who fails to make a backup copy of important information and loses the data due to a hardware failure. Computer Crime Computers are also sometimes used to commit intentional crimes. Examples include: A worker who has access to sensitive company information that would be potentially valuable to a competitor tries to profit from the sale of the information. A user who reveals confidential bank account information via email in response to a fraudulent request for information and becomes a victim of identity theft.

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