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By Daniel S. Margolies

With contributions from the main complete students within the box, this attention-grabbing significant other to at least one of America's pivotal presidents assesses Harry S. Truman as a old determine, flesh presser, president and strategist.

• Assembles a few of the most sensible historians of their fields who verify serious features of the Truman presidency
• offers new techniques to the historiography of Truman and his policies
• contains a number of historiographic methodologies

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Profiles in Courage Truman’s determination to do what was correct rather than sway with the fickle winds of public opinion was always a major part of his public image. As early as 1945, members of the White House press corps were noting his refusal to change tactics even when faced with overwhelming opposition. And when one of their number, Robert J. Donovan of the New York Herald Tribune, subsequently published a twovolume history on the Truman administration in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was quick to marshal archival quotes to support this earlier impression, including Truman complaining to his staffers about “trimmers and faint-hearted men,” before adding his own personal philosophy: “You have got to decide what is right to do, and then do it, even if it is unpopular” (Donovan, 1982: 358).

Truman is organized alphabetically according to the topics of Truman’s quotations. Several of them lack specific dates. ” They also stimulated greater public curiosity about Harry S. Truman’s life, presidency, and character, and, consequently, a market for biographies and general histories of his administration beyond academia. , was titled “Senatorial stickup” by photographers Harris & Ewing. In the photograph, Vice President John Nance Garner “playfully tries his ‘stickup’ technique” on Harry Truman, then a Senator from Missouri, with a pair of 45 caliber pistols formerly owned by the bandit Jesse James.

Harry S. Truman was a liberal Democrat whose Fair Deal proposals for expanding the welfare state included national health insurance and federal aid to elementary and secondary education. Nonetheless, Truman’s image and status among academics, journalists, politicians, and the general public continued to improve during the generally conservative political environment of the 1980s. The continuing hagiography of Truman during the conservative 1980s was especially interesting and ironic because Ronald W.

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