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By Patrick O'Brian

To the pride of thousands of Patrick O'Brian fanatics, here's the ultimate, partial installment of the Aubrey/Maturin sequence, for the 1st time in paperback.Blue on the Mizzen (novel #20) ended with Jack Aubrey getting the inside track, in Chile, of his elevation to flag rank: Rear Admiral of the Blue Squadron, with orders to sail to the South Africa station. the subsequent novel, unfinished and untitled on the time of the author's demise, may were the chronicle of that undertaking, and masses else in addition to. the 3 chapters left on O'Brian's table are offered right here either in published version-including his corrections to the typescript-and a facsimile of his manuscript, which works numerous pages past the tip of the typescript to incorporate a duel among Stephen Maturin and an impertinent officer who's relationship his fianc?e. in fact we'd really have had the complete tale; as a substitute now we have this evidence that O'Brian's powers of statement, his humor, and his figuring out of his characters have been undiminished to the tip.

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You should have put on an oilskin: still, we cannot all be wise all the time. I have called you out so far from shore b e c a u s e there are two ques­ tions I should like to settle. T h e first is supplies. W e are very low in everything t o b a c c o is quite gone - and all the way down my pursers, agents and so on have had the utmost difficulty with the locals, even in ports where we have always been wel­ c o m e d and entertained. Difficulties about water, difficulties about cattle . . even about shore-leave and c o m m o n supplies - no bumboats coming off, no whores.

Just so: thank you, Stephen. ' 'Just so. ' 'Indeed you do: thoughtful, contemplative and, as you say dead sober. Now it just happened to cross my mind that was you to take them all to the cathedral, where I have no doubt the Legate will be pontificating, as is but right and proper, and if they were to be perfectly neat, fit to pass an Admiral's inspection, most uncommon solemn and pious, if you understand me, and was they to sing out good and hearty in the right places, it might tend to create a good impression, and persuade his Holiness that we were not all a band of gin-sodden raparees, given over entirely to whoredom and things I do not like even to mention.

But he received a general impression of anxiety and overwork, an impression that was in part overlaid by his meeting with the gun­ ner, the master-gunner, among his twenty-four-pounders, all as trim as heavy cannon could well be and all equipped with shining Douglas sights. ' 'I have indeed: and I have heard o f it, I do assure you . ' H e was cut short by a hail from the masthead and a m o m e n t 56 later the message c a m e forward: the rear-admiral was desired to go aboard the flag. 'I am afraid it will b e a wet pull,' said S i m m o n s .

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