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By Henrik Mindedal, Mikael Persson

This quantity offers the court cases of the joint sixteenth Nordic-Baltic convention on Biomedical Engineering & clinical Physics and Medicinteknikdagarna 2014! The convention subject is Strategic Innovation. It goals at inspiring elevated triple helix collaborations among wellbeing and fitness care companies, academia and the medtech industry.

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II. METHODS The signal processing for the position measurements with MEMS-based accelerometers includes integrations and filtering of integrated signals. The block diagram can be seen on Fig. 1. I. INTRODUCTION The motion analysis system is an embedded sensor system for health application, human motion analysis and rehabilitation support, which is intended to evaluate a person's ability to move, for example, the neck, arm or leg with the aim of training or rehabilitation. The system [1] is developed with MEMS-based sensors fixated by different wearable bands such as headbands, armbands, and leg bands.

Total Quality Score Another innovative element of the implemented assessment tool consists of the association of a specific weight to each parameter in the Total Quality Score (TQS) calculation. TQS, given by the sum of the weighted contributions of individual parameters, will allow the comparison of the handwriting quality between subjects; helping teachers, speech therapists and all those interested in the diagnosticrehabilitative phase in the identification of subjects presenting some difficulties compared to the average performance of the group.

Two ACAR and two BA were borderline short, but still fulfilled the predetermined criteria. In two cases, the artery identified as the VA included parts of an artery with close proximity, but the main part of the identified volumes were still correct. These results are summarized in figure 1. DISCUSSION These results are based on a small pilot group, with all twelve large cerebral arteries present, but show promise for the future. EVALUATION CRITERIA The segments defined in the evaluation criteria are meant to be used for flow measurements.

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