iPhone: A Bike Ride Commute

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May, 2011: A time lapse while riding my bike to work on a Friday morning (shot on iPhone).

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MPV107 Sound Test

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on June 29th, 2011 by admin


October, 2008: While I was sitting in on MPV107 (video) class at Brooks Institute, one of the assignments was to do a sound test with different mics in different conditions. I took it a bit far.

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Flat Stanley

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March, 2008: Flat Stanley project for my niece.

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Platypus Workshop

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September, 2007: The Platypus Workshop was my first attempt and learning video with professional help: PF Bentley He was great at teaching the art and science of video capture and editing. Perhaps I should curse him however since I’m not a video and Final Cut Pro addict!

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